About Us

Once upon a time, there is a father and daughter family business sailing in the Greek seas and especially the Ionian Islands for 30 years. Captain Spyros was born in Kefalonia and particularly in Lixouri.

Rania’s sailing holds daytime and sunset cruises around Paliki.  Sailing boat “Rania” is also available for bareboat yacht charters around the Ionian Islands.

Book a cruise and board on our yacht with friends and family, exploring the natural sights  Kefalonia has to offer. Take advantage of Captain Spyros experience and local knowledge and discover all the secluded places of the area.Relax under the sun, feel the sea breeze and enjoy having your coffee or appetizer during the day. A yachting cruise is an ideal choice for those seeking a more relaxed sailing holiday in the Ionian Islands.

Live the enthusiasm of yachting in the Ionian seas and be charmed by the marvelous beaches and the secret places that will be revealed before your very eyes. Sailing on a yacht you’ll get to know sights in Greece that you could see in no other way. A unique combination of crystal – clear seas, endless hours of sunshine and classic hospitality will certainly make your yachting holiday hard to forget.

You will also have the chance to get acquainted with sailing and the sea. We offer a yachting experience in an ideal place for those who do not have the skills or the time to book a sailboat for a weekly period. We propose and provide personalized trips for friends and families. Get in touch and discuss with us all the details and preferences of your daily cruise...

Captain Spyros and Rania are ready to welcome you on board!