We organize one or two day cruises in the area of Paliki. There are beautiful sights and places to visit around the area: Katavothres a rare natural phenomenon, where seawater gets into crannies, following an underground route, reaches Melissani Cave, Sami and Agia Efimia, 15 km away. The lighthouse of Saint Theodore, the famous sandy beaches Makris and Platis Gialos,  in Lassi, an area where all the big luxurious resorts are constructed. Make a long dip in astonishing beaches of Xi, mega Lakos, so unique and extremely impressive for its reddish color of  sand and for its clayey composition where you may enjoy a natural spa session. Sunbath and practice your swimming skills and snorkeling in Platia ammos, a 600 meters long and 30 meters  wide pebbles beach, surrounded by huge cliffs creating a fascinating backdrop. A few years ago it was solely accessible by boat. Today around 280 steps were built down the cliff coast reaching the beautiful natural beach. Relax on our yacht, feel the sea breeze and taste a local brunch of Greek salad, olives, goat cheese, wood oven baked traditional bread, ouzo and Greek local wine. Near Kefalonia lies the deserted island Vardianoi with a unique beach of grey sand and seaweeds serving as natural sunbeds. There is a lighthouse, a church and a dazzling rocky beach on the north side of the island, well worth walking around. The Breathtaking Monastery of Kipouria first built in the 17th century lies on the west side of the island, on a cliff where you can also admire the unique sunset, fading into the deep blue waters of the Ionian. A Majestic scenery which harmoniously combines the untrodden mountain with the inaccessible sea. A few miles back stands the lighthouse of gero gombos.

 Day time (6 hours) 09:30-15:30
 Sunset Cruise (5 hours) 15:30-21:00

 (Depending on weather conditions)

Cruise 1: «Beauty, sandy line»

We set sail from marina in Lixouri and make a little tour in the bay while drinking coffee and learning basic features of the boat. We pass from Katavothres and follow the shoreline of Lassi. We make our first dive in the bay of Avithos and sunbath in the beautiful sandy shore. A local brunch is offered. While relaxing on board we sail to Lourdas Bay and visit the rock of Dias. Marina lixouri – Katavothres – Lassi – Avithos – Lourdas Bay – Marina lixouri (50 euros / per person)

Cruise 2: «Vardianoi excursion»

We set sail from marina Lixouri and make a little tour in the bay while drinking coffee and learning basic features of the boat. We pass from Katavothres and follow the shoreline of Lassi. We make a quick stop for a spa session in the red coastline (beaches Xi, Mega Lakos). We reach the deserted island of Vardianoi and settle there for swimming, snorkeling and exploration of the island. Local brunch is offered (there is the possibility of fresh fish on the grill on demand). We depart and make a tour of the island while sailing and return back to the Marina. Marina Lixouri – Katavothres – Lassi – Vardianoi – Marina Lixouri (50 euros / per person)

Cruise 3: «Platia ammos discovery»

We set sail from Marina Lixouri and head for the white Platia ammos through the coast line of lixouri. We pass the moving rock (a rock that slightly changes position every year) in ‘Kounopetra’ and reach the fascinating Platia Ammos.Here we make a long dive. (Snorkeling equipment is available). After practicing your swimming skills and exploring the endless beach, we head back while having our small brunch. Marina lixouri – Kounopetra – Platia Ammos – Marina Lixouri (50 euros / per person, depending on weather conditions).

Cruise 4: «Twice Paradise»

A two day cruise with captain Spyros that starts from Marina Lixouri and follows the coast line of Paliki. There are several options for swimming, one in the morning (Platia Ammos) and one in the afternoon (bays of Fteri). There are two options for overnight stays, the secluded and beautifull on its nature bay of Atheras with its traditional taverns and the sweet scenic view, Assos with the colourful houses and the medieval castle. (120 euros / per person) *5 persons minimum

Cruise 5: «Sunset route»

We start from Marina Lixouri and follow the coastline of Paliki, have our afternoon swim in the reddish beaches of Mega Lakos and Xi. We sail near the coasts of Paliki and the infinity Ionian Pelagos. We pass the lighthouse of Gero Gombos and reach the Monastery of Kipouria standing on the edge of the cliff. Taking some time to gaze at the sun’s trip into the sea. Return back to the Marina while enjoying the gentle sea breeze. Marina lixouri  – Xi – Mega Lakos – Gero Gombos – Kipouria - Marina lixouri (50 euros / per person, depending on weather conditions).